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In 1999 I started working in the Melkweg, Amsterdam as a stagehand. In 2000 I've been taught the skill of the light technician. 

A year later I started working in the Paradiso, Amsterdam's pop temple as well. 

In 2005 I started touring with Pete Philly&Perquisite and from that point on I've been touring with several amazing Dutch artists. 

De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig (2014-now)

Light technician

Tour ”Ja, Natuurlijk”


Tour “Luek”

Tour “Anders”

Chet Faker (2022-now)

Light technician

European tour 2022

S10 (2020-2022)

Light technician

Tour ”Snowsniper”

Tour "Vlinders" 

Kris Berry & Perquisite (2014)

Light technician

Tour ”Lovestruck Puzzles”

Ruben Hein (2013-2014)

Light technician

Tour ”Hopscotch”

Skip&Die (2012)

Light technician

Tour ”Riots in the Jungle”

Kypski & Matangi (2012-2014)

Light technician

Tour ”Electromantique”

C-mon&Kypski (2009-2011)

Light technician

Tour” We Are Square”

Pete Philly&Perquisite (2005-2009)

Ligh ttechnician

Tour ”Mindstate”

Tour ”Mystery Repeats”

Paradiso (2001-2008)

Light technician

I've been working in the Paradiso, Amsterdam as a house light technician. In this period I mostly worked for the hip-hop, soul and reggae acts and dance nights. 

Melkweg (1999-2004)

Light technician/Stagehand

In the Melkweg, Amsterdam I started as a stagehand but I educated myself into a light technician as which I worked from 2000 until 2004.

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